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Tower crane Training courses
Skill attained during the tower crane training centre at minimal fees and the operator operators earn average salary of R15000 per month, from R7000-R27000


Unit Standard No: 116255
Unit Standard Credits: 20
NQF Level: 2


  • At our tower crane school students learn how to operate the crane in a safe and efficient manner in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and the site specific lifting plan at a cheaper tower crane operator course fee.
  • The Lifting Team
  • Responsibilities of the PrincipalContractor (Site)
  • Responsibilities of the Crane Operator
  • Operator Qualifications and Health
  • Resolution of Issues on Site
  • Lifting Operations
  • Wind and Taking the Crane out of Service
  • Procedures
  • Hand Signals
  • At our tower crane training centre students learn how to operate the tower crane in hazardous areas and lifting operations which require care like lifting persons and blind lifting.
  • During the tower crane driver training the student learns to operate a crane in strong wind, rain, lightening and hail with suspended load
  • Extreme care should be taken with luffing jib cranes when working in high winds with the jib at minimum radius as the jib can be blown backwards

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