Super link Driving Training Course

After the learning process a students is awarded a nqf certificate and becomes qualified super link driver who earn average salary of R15000 per month. Skills are attained at the super link driving training centre at minimal fees.

Unit Standard No: 93793
Unit Standard Credits: 15
NQF Level: 3

Modules for super link truck driver course and their duties and responsibilities include
  • Introduction
  • Part 1 : Truck Driver Licences
  • Part 2 : Driver Health and Safety
  • Part 3: Vehicle Checks
  • Part 4: Coupling and Uncoupling Trailers
  • Part 5: Dimensions and Load Limits
  • Part 6: Vehicle Control
  • Part 7: Planning and Observing While Driving
  • Part 8: Sharing the Road With Others and Speed Management
  • Part 9: Vehicle Emergencies
  • Part 10: Crashes
  • Part 11: The Law
  • Part 13: Safe Driving Tips

Outcome after the training

  • Plan and prepare a truck for transportation.
  • Operate a truck.
  • Maintain operational documents and records.

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