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We are accredited with Services CETA, and merSETA, here in South Africa as Business accredited Training provider.

Incorporation of MOATA Training, Machinery Operator  and Artisan Training Agency .

           The Enterprise

MOATA was incorporated in South Africa under the provisions of the Companies Act, 1973, as amended (Companies Act). It is registered as Training Institut


To provide business soft skills / capacity skills through training and workshops to Governments, Businesses and Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) employees to the best interests of our clients, employees, shareholders and the community. We endeavour to excel in customer service by continuously cultivating skills, competencies, positive attitude and performance results. Our business relationships are productive, customer focused and service-oriented

          Our Core values ensure success

In partnership with Burem Training and Business Consultancy, you    will benefit from our core and shared values, which are;

  • Professionalism and passion in all aspects of our work.
  • Creative and candid solutions to your needs
  • Commitment and drive
  • Reliability, we do what we say
  • Quality and excellence.
  • Growth and development
  • Hard work and productivity
  • Continuous improvement


We serve the following clients

  • Businesses, these include multi- national corporations, Mines, manufacturers, banks and other finance institutions, Farmers, Retailers, Food industries)
  • Non Profit Organisations (NPO)
  • Governments, its departments, Parastatals and Security Departments.
  • We offer our state of the art courses in Africa, and Middle East.

Why choose us as a training partner?

  • MOATA offers an in-depth training programmes and consultancy services which help employees realize their full potential and, in particular, to meet your company’s specific goals.
  • We are constantly researching in the latest trends and exploring new solutions to benefit your business. With our expertise, ineffective and outdated systems can be transformed and best practices ensured.
  • Our trainers are among the best, and they are recognized internationally in their field. The MOATA Training and Consultancy team combines young and energetic consultants to bring about a mixture of practical experience.
  • We always work hand in hand with our clients to customize training programmes that will reap the greatest benefits for your business.
  • Burem Training and Consulting is a world-class training and consulting institution, helping private businesses and major organizations turn potential into high performance.
  • Our approach is, friendly, efficient and always focused on the people who are the key to the success of any organisation.
  • We believe that people are your most important asset. That’s why we welcome our delegates in an environment that is exceptionally friendly and conducive to learning. During the 5 or 15 days courses in place, delegates have plenty opportunity to exchange ideas with their peers. We also offer tours to explore the cities and to discover the cultures they are visiting. Our clients give us top marks for service delivery, product content and value for money – proof that Burem’s performance can make a real difference to your performance.
  • Services range from one on one coaching and mentoring through to various training workshops.
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Licence Renewal or Refresher course

Heavy machines training courses college
The school of heavy machinery training and welding courses which take a short period of time at affordable prices. These equipments are used in the following fields below.

Industrial and harbour equipment training course Academy

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